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Intimpflege Set

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Intimate care set consisting of cream and washing lotion against vaginal dryness, itching and shaving pimples

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Dermatologically tested & recommended by gynaecologists

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What makes our intimate care set special?

  • The natural intimate care cream and washing lotion are suitable for all skin types and ensure a well-groomed, healthy and supple vulva. 100% feel-good factor, whether everyday life, sport, bikini or with your partner.
  • Matched to the pH value of your intimate area, the intimate care series helps with vaginal dryness, burning, itching, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Both products have an antibacterial effect to prevent infections.
  • Suitable for your daily vulva wellness, the cream and lotion can be dosed easily and precisely thanks to the hygienic pump dispenser. Both packs last up to 2 months.

About the Intensive Care Bundel

Vaginal dryness, burning or cracks in the intimate area can have different reasons.

  • Sexual intercourse, heavy and frequent washing with everyday shower gels or shaving in the intimate area
  • childbirth, stopping the pill, or menopause
  • Sport, tight jeans and chlorinated water

That is why holistic care for your vulva wellness is so important. The cream and washing lotion are tailored to the pH value of your vulva and support a healthy and natural intimate flora . Thanks to the natural and rich ingredients, such as vitamin E, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and rosemary extract, the pH value is kept in balance, moisturized and the skin is tightened ! With its anti-inflammatory properties and natural oils, the set protects against dryness and itching and helps with small cracks and razor bumps. In contrast to many other care products, we do not use parabens, dyes, sulfates, acrylates and mineral oil. Laboratory tested, natural cosmetics compliant & vulva-approved!

With a healthy intimate area you will feel more self-confident , your sense of pleasure will be encouraged and you will have more fun in the bedroom again.


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